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Valentine Shelf Sitter

Easy Valentine Shelf Sitter Craft for Kids

The love is in the air with this easy valentine shelf sitter craft for kids and our love cup crafts.

What’s a love cup? Follow the steps below to find out!

how to make a valentine love bug

Valentine colors are red and pink.

Valentine shapes are hearts.

This craft combines all that and a bunch of love!

A great use for a plain ol’ Styrofoam cup. I love recycling and reusing things to make something adorable.

Because we used a cup, and filled it inside and out with LOVE… we named him a love cup. Please check out my other great Styrofoam Cup Crafts for Kids

This is definitely one of my great Valentine crafts for preschoolers this year. 

How to Make a Valentine Love Cup

Paper or Styrofoam, this cup is filled top to bottom with L-O-V-E.

valentine shelf sitter

Valentine Shelf Sitter

Yield: 1

This Valentine shelf sitter is the perfect Valentine's Day craft for kids! Use it as home decor or give it as a gift of love!


  • Styrofoam (or paper) cup
  • Red paint
  • Paint brush,
  • Construction paper (red, pink and white)
  • Glue
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


Step #1:

Paint the entire outside of your cup red, with your paint. Add more than one coat if needed. Set this aside to dry.

Step #2:

Cut out one inch strips of pink paper. This will be for your arms and legs. You will need two for the arms, and four for your legs.

Step #3:

Create accordions out of each strip. Set two aside for your arms.

With the other four of them, glue two of them together, for each leg.

Step #4:

Cut out hands and feet from the red construction paper. Make sure the size is proportional to your legs and cup.

Step #5:

Cut two circles out of white paper, and two hearts out of pink paper.

Glue the hearts into the center of the circles, to make your eyes.

Cut out a half moon shape for your mouth, using the black maker draw some teeth.

Step #6

Glue a hand onto each of your shorter strips of paper. (The one's you set aside for arms) Glue the feet to the two longer strips (your legs).

Step #7

Glue your eyes and mouth onto your body (or cup).

Make sure the cup is upside down. It will sit better this way. You could also use it right side up and fill it with a treat.

Step #8

Glue on your arms and legs.

Find a ledge, or the edge of your desk to plop this little love cup down.

Time to spread the love!

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Do you like this Valentine Shelf Sitters with Dangling Legs?

valentine shelf sitter

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