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Valentine Candy Crafts

Valentine candy crafts are a fun way to package up your Valentine treats for your family and friends. We’ve created a few unique ways to give out your treats… well, here is another one! 

Meet our Valentine treat monster, he’s cute and full of sugary candy and definitely one of my favorite monster crafts for kids

valentine Monster candy craft for kids

Be sure to keep those containers from your Kinder Surprise eggs. Not only do you get to enjoy the Kinder chocolate you get to re-fill the egg with more candy. If you have some leftover why not make this Kinder duck for Spring and Easter!

You can make a variety of different monsters by changing the color of his feathers, adding more or less googly eyes, or even decorating him with spots!


20+ Cute Valentine Crafts for Kids 2020

How to Make This Valentine Monster Candy Craft

Craft Supplies:

  • Empty Kinder Surprise egg
  • Construction paper (pink, white)
  • Valentine candies
  • Googly Eyes
  • Feathers
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step #1:

Take your pink construction paper and cut out two lips. Make sure the lips are similar in size, and proportional to your container.

Add some white teeth to the bottom lip, glue these in place. You can also choose to add more or less teeth, depends what you want your monster to look like.

Step #2:

Glue the lips to each edge of the Kinder Surprise container. Make sure that when it is closed the lips touch each other. 

Note: When open the Kinder container will have a edge showing above the bottom lip.

kinder egg monster

Step #3:

Add some fluffy feathers to his head. We chose pink, a great color for Valentine’s Day.  You can have one with rainbow hair or black or red whatever you like.

You can also choose to add string, pom poms or pipe cleaners instead of feathers. If you want to add sparkle opt for sequins and glitter. 

*It may be easier to use hot glue on the plastic

Step #4:

Glue the googly eyes above his mouth. Again, this may be easier with some hot glue (and adult help).

monster craft for Valentine Day valentine monster craft

Now, pick out a candy and fill up these Valentine candy crafts with some tasty treats. Why not make lots of these little guys and put different sweets in each one. 

Close your Valentine monsters’ mouth and he is ready to be given to family and friends! You could even put some of these little guys into one of my Paper Bag Valentine mailboxes


More Valentine Candy Crafts:

Before we move please check out some of my other easy candy crafts for Valentines! The only thing better than making these, is eating what is inside!

Valentine Paper Roll Treat Holders: Decorate some empty paper rolls and fill them with a treat.

Valentine Kissme: Check out our cute Hershey kissme treat.

Why not make all of our Valentine candy crafts and you will have a bunch of different treats to give your family and friends.

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Do You Like These Easy Valentine Candy Crafts For Kids?

easy valentine candy crafts for kids

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