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Paper Mache Baseball Crafts for Kids

Take me out to the ball game and enjoy these paper mache baseball crafts for kids. Baseball is one of those hero sports for little boys.

paper mache baseball crafts


They idolize some of the biggest players and usually play in a little league of their own.

When Summer comes boys everywhere love picking up a bat and hitting a ball outdoors! 

Baseball is fun for crafts too, you can create things like bats, balls, baseball diamonds. so if its too rainy or cold to play baseball outside, they can craft baseball inside.

Here we have created a baseball out of paper mache. The even cooler part? It’s a pinata too

Great for birthday parties, school activities and more. My friends always have a themed one of these at their kids parties and it is one of the things the kids really love!

Just hit this baseball with a real bat and you get a shower of candy when it breaks! So much fun to look forward to after the craft is ready.

Another Fun Sports Craft

Make of of these frames, if you only like baseball – just fill it with baseballs and no other sports! These make a great Fathers Day Craft for Kids too, especially if Dad loves baseball!

Sports Crafts for Kids

Paper Mache Baseball Crafts for Kids – How to Make a Paper Baseball

Create these paper mache baseballs with the kids and it will ensure that throwing a baseball around the house won’t break any windows!

With these instructions you will be able to make replica baseballs with newspaper, glue and some paint!

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What You Will Need:

White Paint
Red Marker
Candy (wrapped)

A great printable trivia game about baseball:

Step #1:

Blow up a balloon. Make it about the size of a softball. 

Cut out strips of news paper. You want these strips to be about an inch width and a few inches long. 

Mix your paper mache mixture – 3/4 glue 1/4 water.

Step #2:

Dip a piece of newspaper in the glue mixture, coating it completely. Take off the excess with your fingers.

Cover your balloon in moistened pieces of newspaper.

Make sure to leave an small area around the balloon end. This will allow you to pop the balloon and fill it with candy.

Step #3:

Once the balloon is covered, place it in the sink to dry. 

Once it is partially dry add another layer of paper. This time use white paper so it is easier to paint the ball afterwards.

This can take up to 24 hours depending on your region and temperatures.

Step #4:

Once dry fill it with candy and cover the hole up with some white paper (covered in your glue mixture). Allow to dry.

Paint the balloon white. Allow to dry.

Step #5:

Draw on stitching with a red marker. This will be one large oval around the baseball – adding V marks around it.

Now we are done our baseball crafts for kids. Get your bat and have someone throw you the ball. If you hit a home run and you get CANDY too!


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A fun baseball crafts for kids you can create, and even works perfectly for a party activity.

The red and white of a baseball are great colors for decorating – especially for the baseball fans.

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