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Canada Craft With Paper Cups

This Canada craft with paper cups will give you fun decorations for the celebration of your country. Create cups full of pride!

canada day craft with paper cups


The birthday of a country is a big deal for some countries, like Canada and USA. These days are country wide holidays – no work, no school, just celebrating.

Use these fun crafts to carry around with you on the big day – hang them in pride of your country.

We thought it be great to spice up those plain old disposable cups. We are going to make a fun cup, that shows your pride in your country. 

We’ve made this one for Canada Day on July 1st 2021, but simple change the flag you paint and you have a cup for every county.

This cup craft is one of the first July crafts for kids to do next month! You do not have to live in Canada to do it; I feel like kids all over should do themed crafts on different countries to learn about their special days and history. 

A fun idea for school, make a cup for all kinds of country and host a multicultural day. You can use this to teach the children about all the different countries.

These country cup crafts would be amazing for Euro 2020 which is taking place right now!

Canada Craft With Paper Cups

This is made for the Canada, but easily just change the color scheme and the flag and he can be made into a patriotic cup for US, Russia, China or any country you wish! Styrofoam cup crafts make an easy frugal activity for little kids. 


Craft Supplies:

  • Styrofoam, or paper cup
  • Paint (colors of your country)
  • Paint brush

Step #1:

Paint an outline of your flag on the cup. 

For our example, we painted on tow large red stripes for the outer sides of the Canadian flag. 

Step #2:

Continue with your painting of the flag, by filling in your outlines.

For us, we added the maple leaf in the center. 

If there is detailed areas on the flag it is helpful to use a pencil first to sketch it out.

Some countries will be very easy to make. Places like France or Italy, it is a simple three stripes. 

A more complicated flag is the United States. This one is good to use a pencil to outline. 

  • Create your stripes. You will need 13 all together (7 red, 6 white)
  • Color in a blue square at the top. 
  • Once your blue area is dry, draw on 50 stars. 

Show pride in your country with these Canada day craft. 

Great for decoration for the celebration!


More Easy Crafts Like This One:

Patriotic Cup: A fun little decoration made from a disposable cup to show your pride in your country!

Lanterns: Create these in the colors of your country as another decoration for the celebration. These are brilliant for Independence Day parades. 

Noise Makers: Make some home-made noise makers from disposable cups too! They even have surprise inside.

Country Napkin Rings: Add some festive napkin rings to the decorations at this years BBQ!

Use these patriotic crafts for kids to decorate for the big day, and its something you can keep around all year long. You can be proud of your country everyday!

You could easily make these during one of the big football tournaments during Summer, like the World Cup! Why not make one for your favorite team and proudly display it every time they play!

My Canada craft with paper cups is so easy and hopefully I have shown you it can be replicated for any country you wish.

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