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Coffee Filter Ghost Craft for Kids

Let’s get crafting with this coffee filter ghost crafts for kids – we are going to learn how to make ghosts out of unused coffee filters.

coffee filter ghost

Hang them up with fishing line so they just float in the air! How scary do they not look?! This easy craft for children will be suitable for kids aged 3 years and above. 

I have included this in my fabulous list of ghost crafts for kids

We have made another ghost similar to this, but that one was made with Kleenex. 

Check out our Achoo Ghost!

The supplies are simple, and the craft is equally as simple. This is great for all ages!!

Ghost Crafts for Kids: Coffee Filter Ghost

Craft Supplies:

  • Coffee filters
  • Paper roll
  • Black marker
  • Fishing line

Step #1:

Wrap the coffee filter over one end of your paper roll. Press down to get the coffee filter into our ghost shape.

The paper roll is only being used to get the shape of our ghost – we can put it aside and re-use it for another craft!

Step #2:

Using the tip of a pen, or a pin, poke a small hole in the center of the coffee filter. Be sure to do this while you still have it wrapped around the paper roll.

Step #3:

Remove the paper roll and set it aside for another craft like our Paper Roll Frankenstein.

Thread a piece of fishing line through the hole. Tie it on the inside of the coffee filter.

Step #4:

Take your black marker and draw on eyes and a mouth. Be careful not to press too hard, or leave the marker on the filter too long – coffee filters will absorb markers much quicker and the color will spread.

Now just hang up these ghost crafts for kids and you’ve made very simple, spooky Halloween decorations!


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Do you like this Coffee Filter Ghost?

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