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Handprint Angel Poster

It’s less than 2 weeks to Christmas so schools are busy doing lots of fun crafts with kids like this Handprint Angel poster. 

This angel handprint craft is so easy to recreate and makes for a wonderful Christmas poster or even a Christmas card!

christmas angel craft

Angel Craft for Preschoolers – Adorable Handprint Angels

My little girl did lots of great art projects this year including this beautiful angel poster. I love it so much I have stuck it on the wall in my kitchen so that everyone gets to see it!

It is more than a poster though as it features her handprints so it is also a lovely keepsake from her first year at school. 

You can copy my poster or change it about a bit to make yours unique. I am pretty sure her teacher got this angel craft idea from one of the popular craft sites on the internet. 

Easy Christmas crafts are huge fun for kids as young as 2 and as old as 11! I have lots of ideas and even a toilet paper roll angel for you to try if you want to do it at the same time as this handprint craft.

christmas angel craft

Handprint Angel Poster

Learn how to make this easy Handprint Angel poster for kids this Christmas!


  • White paper
  • Colored card
  • Glitter
  • Pink paint
  • Gold paint
  • Colored markers


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paintbrush


Step 1

First we are going to make 3 separate handprints on a piece of white paper.

Tell your child to spread out their fingers and dip their hand in pink paint!

Place the handprint on the page. This will represent the angel's body as shown in my craft!

Wash your hands afterwards!

Step 2

Make 2 separate smaller handprints sideways to the center handprint. I used gold paint for these. These are the angel wings.

For these keep your fingers together and do not spread them out. We sprinkled some gold glitter over the handprints too.

Wash your hands!

Step 3

Paint a circle face above the central handprint. Of course you can do an oval face too! You can use whatever color of paint you wish for the angel's face.

Step 4

Next you have to give your angel some hair! My little girl decided to give hers some blonde pigtails. You can do long dark hair, red hair or whatever hair you wish!

Why not make lots of angels with different hair styles!

Step 5

Your angel then needs a gold halo. I used the same gold paint as the handprints. Get your little one to draw a small circle above the angel's head.

Step 6

Use a marker to draw on eyes, nose and a mouth.

Step 7

Cut around your angel and stick it onto a piece of A4 colored card to complete your poster.

Step 8

You could always add a date and your name and have this as a keepsake!

When it dries proudly display it somewhere everyone can see it!

Do not forget to try some New Year’s Eve Crafts for kids straight after Christmas to keep the kids creative and crafty!

Can you think of other Handprint crafts for Christmas? What about trying a Christmas tree or reindeer! Check out my list of easy handprint crafts for inspiration!

Do you like this Handprint Angel Poster?

handprint angel craft

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