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Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase

If you want a handmade gift this February 14th look no further than this Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase with tissue paper flowers! Mum or Grandma will love it! I love Valentine flower crafts for kids and this one is super simple!!

Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase

Flower Handmade Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids to Make

I love Valentine’s Day toilet paper roll crafts and have a treat holder for you to gift snacks or messages in. You can make this and this Flower vase and gift a double gift! It would also make a great gift for Mother’s Day! 

This is such a cute idea that is very easy to recreate! Mums or Dads you will need to help the kids with this one but it looks fabulous when completed.

It is one of my cute flower craft ideas for kids that always turns out really well. 

If you are not gifting it why not set it on your windowsill in the kitchen. Unlike normal flowers it will not wilt and lasts forever! I decided to use a heart template for my vase but you could draw your own picture and stick it on. Why not draw a picture of Mum or even do my easy rose drawing which is perfect for February 14th. 

Please also check out my list of cute Valentine Day crafts for kids 

How to make my Toilet Paper Roll Vase

Valentine’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase

Valentine's Day Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase

Yield: 1

This Toilet Paper Roll Flower vase is perfect for Valentine's Day and even Mother's Day! It is a simple craft for kids!


  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Construction Paper
  • Tissue Paper - the kind used for gift bags
  • Paint & Paintbrush
  • Glue or Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Cardboard, Paper Plate, or Poster Board - for the base
  • Any additional seasonal craft decoration desired



Paint the TP roll any color desired and let dry. I went for pale pink!

Using the cardboard, paper plate, or poster board, cut out a small circle just a little larger than the TP roll

Draw a large heart and cut it out too. You will stick this onto the toilet paper roll!

Decorate the TP roll and the base in the same or a complimentary design as desired

I used markers to draw small circles and polka dots on both the heart and base. You can do any design you wish here.

toilet paper roll craft step by step

When you have finished decorating, glue the TP roll in the center of the base and let dry.


Cut the tissue paper into several 4 inch squares

Use 2 pieces of tissue paper for each flower, lay flat in your hand and push finger in the center and twist at the bottom to form the flower

Wrap one end of the pipe cleaner around the twist of the flower to form the stem 

Repeat this process to make as many flowers as you would like 

Arrange the flowers in the vase and display proudly! If giving as a gift, you may also add a small treat and a note inside the vase as a special surprise

I love making flowers and have some cool pipe cleaner flowers which would also look great in this vase! If you have younger kids you might find them easier to make!

Why not try and make my toilet paper roll flowers alongside this paper flower vase craft.

This is one of my cool toilet paper roll crafts for you to try! Let me know what yours turns out like! 

You can make these for any season of the year by changing the colors you use! Try orange and black for Halloween, or red and green for Christmas!! Pretty pastel colors would work well for Spring and Easter!! Go for vibrant colors for Summer!!

Do you like this Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase?

Toilet Paper Roll Flower Vase

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