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Horse Head Craft

Our horse head craft is one of my favorite cowboy crafts for kids which will help you re-create your ensemble for a dress up. 

Every cowboy needs a horse, how else will they get around! It is fun to get your friends together and play pretend. You can defeat the bad guys. 

horse paper craft

But a cowboy needs transportation.

We’ve come up with a way to make your own horse, you just need mom’s kitchen broom and you are set to go!

My kids adore the horses down the road from us and they always want to ride them.

Unfortunately I do not know the owners so they have never got the chance, but now they can pretend they are riding a horse with this fun easy craft for children. 

This is great for storage too, just put the broom back in the kitchen and your trusty sidekick in the toy box. When you feel like you need your sidekick just grab mom’s broom and you are off.

We show you how to do those horse paper craft and the good news is that preschool kids can even help out. This is perfect for girls and boys!

Not to mention it is much safer than the real thing, plus Mom can have some quiet time while the kids play. 

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Horse Head Craft: Trusty Sidekick

Get crafting, so we can get riding our new horse!

Craft Supplies:
  • Cardboard
  • Brown paint
  • Paint brush
  • Black marker
  • Paper towel roll
  • Construction paper (white and black)
  • String (or yarn)
  • Hole punch
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Age Range:

5+ years old, if younger do the cutting for them and have them decorate the horse.

Time to Complete:

30-45 minutes (plus some drying time)

Step #1:

Trace a horse head on a piece of cardboard with a pencil. Make sure it is large enough for you to ride. Cut this shape out.

Step #2:

Paint the entire head with brown paint. To be more realistic paint both sides the same. Allow the paint to dry completed.

horse craft template horse head craft tutorial

Step #3:

Cut two ovals out of white paper. Glue this where your horses eyes will be (one on each side). Add a pupil to each with black paper.

Step #4:

With your black marker draw on a smile and a nostril. Do this for both sides.

horse head craft step by step how to make a horse puppet for kids

Step #5:

Paint the paper towel roll with the same brown paint. Set this aside and allow it to dry completely.

Step #6

Take your hole punch and punch a number of holes along the head, where his mane will be. Be sure to add enough holes to make a full mane of hair.

horse craft procedure

Step #7

Weave your string into each hole. You can do this by just feeding the string through and tying it around the top of the horses head.

We added three separate colors of strings to each hole, so fill it more and add extra colors. 

Step #8

Cut slits in each side of the paper towel roll. Make them a few inches long so your head sits in good. Slide the head into the slits. You can also glue for extra sturdiness.

how to make horse hair for craft

Now, go find mom’s broom and place your horse onto the end.

Let’s ride into the sunset, or into battle!

The good news is that you can paint your horse any color you wish! If you have a little girl at home she might want to paint her horse pink and decorate it with sequins and glitter! This is perfect for a little Princess! Why not combine this with my medieval crafts for kids. You can use the horse to transport your Princess around! 

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