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3D Mother’s Day Card Craft 2023

Just in time to show Mum how much you care, this 3D Mother’s Day card craft will bring a smile to her face. Nothing will tell Mum how special you think she is than a hand made card. 

make mothers day card

This easy paper step by step craft helps you  make a card with 3D umbrella, a bird and a message.

It can be used as a Spring Birthday card or a Mother’s Day card. It comes with it’s own message but there is space to add something else if you wish. 

Mother’s Day in the UK is 27th March so it is perfect for then or keep it for USA Mother’s Day in May which falls on the 14th May. 

Previously I have made a Spring Flower craft for a Mother’s Day card. If you like the idea of a flower card you might like my Daisy handmade Mother’s Day card shown below:-

daisy flower card craft

Please find my step by step instructions for this 3D Mother’s Day homemade card below

Mother's Day card craft

Mother's Day Card Craft

Yield: 1

A beautiful Mother's Day card craft that helps kids show Mum how much they care about her.


  • Cardstock to make your card sturdy
  • Ribbon to make it pretty
  • Printable PDF found below


  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Hole Punch


1:- Print out the instructions and umbrella and bird templates found below

2:- Fold the card printout making sure the bird is facing the inside of the card.

3:- Cut out the front of the card along the dotted line (this is the page with the writing on it).

4:- Cut out the 4 pieces of the umbrella, bird wing and pink rectangle

5:- In order to create the 3D umbrella, fold each piece of the umbrella cutout in half

6:- Make sure the plain white bits are glued down so that the patterned side of the umbrella can be seen. Also ensure that the umbrella handle is in the middle part of the umbrella directly below.

7:- Fold the pink rectangle like an accordion and glue to the back of the bird's wing.

8:- Put some glue on the other end of the strip and stick to the bird's body. Give it some time to dry.

9:- Glue the message onto the front of the card

10:- To make it prettier you can punch a hole in the corner of the card and thread threw a pretty satin ribbon.

Please print off the pdf below which includes step by step instructions and the templates to recreate this craft:-

MOTHERS DAY umbrella card craft template and step by step guide

I love pop up cards as they are extra special. I have made lots of unique ones recently for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and St Patrick’s Day so I hope you get to try to make these as well. 

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Please check out my list of Mother’s Day crafts for kids

Do you like this Mother’s Day card craft?

Mother's Day card craft


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