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Tulip Origami Flower Craft

One of my favorite Spring activities is my beautiful tulip origami flower craft which helps kids to fold paper to make a brightly colored bouquet. 

how to make origami tulip

Tulips commonly appear during the Spring months and are the sign better weather is on the way as we countdown to Summer.

My kids love pink and red tulips especially so this year we decided to do some flower origami and create our own paper tulips.

We have previously made a tulip 3D Card for Mother’s Day shown below. If your kids love this type of flower so much they may want to try it. It can also be used as a Birthday card or even a get well soon card!

tulip flower craft

Origami can be difficult for little kids but I do like to get them involved in the initial folding stages. My easy tulip flower origami instructions breaks the process down in simple steps for beginners to follow.

I would class this as medium difficulty level compared to some of my other flower crafts for kids but why do you not let your 6-year-old try it and see how they get on, with Mum’s help. 

Instructions for How to Make an Origami Flower Tulip

What I love about this is the fact that it also shows you how to origami flower stem as opposed to keeping it as a straight piece of green paper. 

how to make origami tulip

Tulip Origami Flower Craft

Yield: 3

One of my favorite Spring activities is my beautiful tulip origami flower craft which helps kids to fold paper to make a brightly colored bouquet


  • Origami Craft papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Marker pens.


Step 1:

Take a square origami craft paper. 

Step 2:

Now fold the origami square paper diagonally in half. This will create a triangular shape as shown.

how to make tulip origami flowers

Step 3:

Now, fold the triangle paper in half and create a crease in the middle.

tulip origami step by step

Step 4:

Now take the right point of the triangle and fold it upwards.

Fold it at a 60-degree angle. The tulip origami craft process picture below shows you what it should look like.

origami flower craft instructions

Step 5:

Similarly, fold the left side as well.

Step 6:

Flip the origami flower over. You can see the two folds at the back. If your tulip origami does not look like this then start over again.

step by step flower origami procedure

Step 7:

Fold the two pointed sides on both corners to give the flower a little detail. Use glue to secure these folds. 

tulip origami flower instructions

Step 8:

Now for the leaf, take a square green origami craft paper, and make a diagonal crease in the middle.

how to make flower stem origami

Step 9:

Now take the right point of the paper and fold it along the middle crease. 

Step 10:

Similarly, fold the left point as well. It should look as below.
how to fold paper to make tulips

Step 11:

Now, again take the left side of the paper from the top and fold it along the middle crease.

Step 12:

Repeat this for the right side as well and your flower stem should now look like this

green stem origami instructions

Step 13:

Fold the bottom left side along the crease. 

Step 14:

And, one more time, fold the right side along the middle crease the same way you did above.

diy flower origami

Step 15:

Fold the origami piece in the middle. 

tulip flower origami pictures and instructions

Step 16:

Then, fold the piece in half.

how to make easy flower origami

Step 17:

Pull the two ends slightly away from each other to create the stem and leaf.

flower stem origami craft instructions

Then glue the flower on top of the stem.

How pretty are these origami tulip flower crafts? You can make as many as you wish. Gift them to your Mum or Grandmother. Why not experiment with different colors. I could make these all day. They would also make such a pretty display in the classroom. 

If you have made some please let me know how long it took you. I can make these relatively quickly as I have practised lots.

These are great for improving fine motor skills as well as concentration as you need to follow the instructions carefully. If you miss one step your will not get your easy origami flower for kids.

If you love making origami I have lots more ideas for kids to try:-

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Will you try this Tulip Origami Flower Craft?

tulip origami flower craft

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