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Paper Plate Turkey Craft

If you are planning on doing some Thanksgiving crafts this year, then you may want to learn how to make a paper plate turkey craft.

Like most of my fun activities this one comes with a free printable template to make it as simple as possible to make my turkey paper plate craft. I would say this is suitable for Preschoolers and older kids! 

turkey paper plate craft

Turkey Paper Plate Craft

Everyone associates Thanksgiving with turkey! As a result, little kids spend lots of November and sometimes October and December making turkeys, but not the edible kind!!

We can use these as home decorations to help us celebrate Thanksgiving in style.

Just recently I have made lots of different paper plate crafts for kids, so I thought it was about time I made a turkey paper plate craft. 

Like most of my craft activities I like to keep these as simple as possible so that children as young as 3 can make them! This particular one involves cutting different shapes, coloring and sticking pieces together, so it is excellent for exercising fine motor skills!

Find step by step craft directions on how to make a turkey from a paper plate below.

turkey paper plate craft

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

Yield: 1

If you are planning on doing some Thanksgiving crafts this year, then you may want to learn how to make a paper plate turkey craft. Easy craft instructions with images below.


  • Paper Plate
  • Paint.
  • Paintbrushes.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Marker Pens.
  • Googly Eyes.


Step 1:

Take a medium sized paper plate to make your paper plate turkey. 

Step 2:

Cut your paper plate in half. 

Step 3:

Use the PDF templates to cut out the turkey's body from one half of the plate and the turkey's wings from another half of the plate. 

how to make a paper plate turkey

Step 4:

First, use yellow paint to color the turkey's beak. 

Step 5

Then, use red paint to color the turkey's wattle.  

paper plate turkey step by step

Step 6: 

Color the turkey's belly with a light brown paint. Use yellow paint to color the turkey's feet. 

turkey painting craft

 Step 7:

Paint the turkey's wings with a dark brown shade of paint. 

Step 8:

Then, color the turkey's entire body with a different brown shade. Your paper plate turkey should now look as below.

easy turkey craft with paper plate

Step 9:

Glue two googly eyes on the turkey. 

Step 10:

First use a red paint to draw a curved line on the paper plate along the plate's edge. 

Step 11:

Then, paint the plate using orange and brown paints. Use a few different shades. Your paper plate should look as below.

how to make a turkey from a paper plate

Step 12: 

Glue the turkey's wings on the back. 

easy paper plate Thanksgiving turkey craft

Step 13:

Draw brown lines from the turkey to edge of paper plate as shown. Not an essential step but I think it looks better.

What will you do with turkey paper plate? You can use it as table decor for a Thanksgiving dinner. 

Personally speaking I think this looks like a little fan! Why not make a display of turkeys in different colors on your wall in school?!

Please print off my Paper Plate Turkey Template to help you complete this: –

Turkey Craft Template

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Do you like this Paper Plate Turkey Craft?

Paper Plate turkey Craft

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