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Mother’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Homemade Plant Starters

These Mother’s Day toilet paper roll crafts for kids are great for a gift for Mother’s day. Mom’s always love home-made gifts, and many moms love gardening. Why not get a two for one with this craft. 

We will show you how to turn toilet paper rolls into homemade plant starters. You can decorate these however you wish.

homemade plant starters

Mothers Day Crafts with Toilet Paper Rolls

When gardening you have to wait until the temperature is okay to start.

With this craft you can get the plants started in the house, while you wait for the right weather. 

Once the weather is nice, just pop these little guys into the ground! The toilet paper roll is biodegradable so it will just disappear over time.

You can plant these together and watch them grow indoors until the gardening weather comes. 

A fun home-made gift, that is also a bit of quality time together gardening. It’s great fun watching how things grow.

Mothers Day is in March in the UK and May in the USA and Canada, so these crafts coming in handy during the Spring and Summer months depending on where you live in the world. 

You can find out how to make my easy gardening craft for Mom directly below. If you love the idea of these why not do some more gardening craft ideas including making planter pots.

easy gardening crafts for kids

Home-made Plant Starters for Mom – Easy Plant Crafts for Kids

There are many varieties of ways you can decorate these, but the general instructions and supplies are the same. 

We’ve given the instructions, supplies and a few ideas on how to decorate these great mothers day craft for kids gift.

Craft Supplies:

  • Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls (the quantity depends on how many plants you want to grow)
  • Construction paper
  • Non-toxic marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Step by Step Instructions for this Mother’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

  1. Cut your toilet paper roll into pieces, each piece being about 2 inches wide. With a toilet paper roll, you would get two pieces or with a paper towel roll you can get about 4. 
  2. Design each piece as you wish. *see below for a few of ideas we’ve come up with. 
  3. Place them all on a plate or baking tray. 
  4. Fill each with soil.
  5. Place a seed in each holder. 
  6. Put the tray or plate in a sunny area, and watch your plants grow. 

Once the weather is right, all you need to do is dig a small hole in your garden, and place one of these in each hold. 

Make sure to keep the sprout and top of the holder above ground. 

The toilet paper roll will eventually disintegrate and your plants will have a head start this year!

Here’s a Few Design Ideas:

cactus toilet paper roll craft Our first idea for this mothers day craft for kids gift is a chia pet style.

You can plant grass seeds in these and actually make them into home-made chia pets. Or like us, add green construction paper for hair. 

These are cute and goofy way to decorate the house (until gardening season of course!)

vegetable toilet paper roll craft If you are planning on planting more than one type of seed, you can always use these plant starters as labels too. So you would create a cut out of whatever plant with construction paper, then just label it with a non-toxic marker.

For ours, we made strawberry, carrot and pea plant starters.

Can you think of any more design ideas? How about one with some red hearts or pretty colored flowers. You know you Mum better than anyone so you can choose.

This is one of my great Summer toilet paper roll crafts for kids

I have lots more easy Mothers Day crafts 2023 for kids

Seeds for Mom’s New Plant Starters

So you’ve made mom a bunch of these cute plant starters, now we need seeds to fill them with. Here’s some awesome starter packs… gives you all the seeds you need for herbs, vegetables or even a butterfly garden!

Why not find out her favorite vegetable and get some seeds for that. 

How to Give as a Gift:

When giving this to mom for Mother’s day you have a few options:

  • Plant all mom’s favourite flowers and display it on a nice colored tray.
  • Leave them empty and just put them in a basket with a variety of seeds. This makes for a fun day of indoor planting. 

Mom’s can never get enough of home-made gifts, and if mom is a gardening type of mom… she will LOVE these. She will want some every year. 

This mothers day craft for kids is very simple to make, but will be so precious to mom!

More Crafts for Mom

coffee filter flower Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed: Some cute printables to color and give to mom to show her how much you love her. This is a fun door hanger she can place her breakfast order and ensure she is not disturbed.

I love my Mommy Because…: This fun printable gives you a place to write down all those reasons you love your mom!

cute flower pot craft

Plant Craft Ideas

If you have a Mom who loves plants then why not treat her to a new plant pot for Mother’s Day! My Minnie Mouse planter craft is ideal or how about my adorable flower pot craft! Perhaps Mum does not want any real flowers or plants and may prefer a paper flower bouquet

Do you like these Mother’s Day Toilet Paper Roll Crafts?

Mother's Day Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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