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Heart Pencil Topper Craft for Kids

Valentine’s is a time of love, and this heart pencil topper craft for kids will help you share your love and show your heart, and all of this from the top of your pencil.

kids heart pencil topper

We have made many of pencil topper critters for all occasions, this one is a love-filled valentine one.

You can keep it for yourself or gift it to a friend! Why not post it into a Teddy Bear Valentine Day Mailbox as a surprise for someone!

How to Make a Heart Pencil Topper

Craft Supplies:

The supplies are simple, all you need is some red, white and pink pipe cleaners and the pencil you wish to top.

Step #1:

Twirl one end of your pink pipe cleaner around your pen or pencil. 

Step #2:

With the other end of that same pipe cleaner, bend out a heart shape. The size is up to you, just use whatever length of your pipe cleaner that is left.

Step #3:

Bend another heart shape into a red or white pipe cleaner. You can make this heart bigger, smaller or the same size as your pink one.  Be sure to leave a tail on the heart so you can attach it to the topper.

Step #4:

Wrap the tail of your white pipe cleaner around the tail of your pink one. You can intertwine these so the colors alternate.

Now, re-attach your pencil topper to your pencil and you are ready for Valentine’s day!

I have made this heart pencil topper from pink and white pipe cleaners but you are free to use whichever colors of pipecleaner you wish! 

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Heart pencil topper craft

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