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Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft

Fly on the wings of love as they used to say in one of my favorite songs, and now you can with this Valentine’s Day Butterfly craft for kids.

Butterfly crafts are hugely popular during Spring and Summer. I especially love my paper butterflies as well as my easy paper plate butterfly craft

heart butterfly craft with paper

Butterflies are so pretty and full of bright colors, that we like to admire!

This paper butterfly craft is no different; it is vibrant and is the ideal thing to stick onto a Valentine’s Day card. I would use it at any time of the year though!

This is an easy step by step heart shaped butterfly craft with a free template to help you complete it. 

I would recommend it for school age kids but younger ones are free to help Mom complete this!


heart butterfly craft with paper

Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft

Yield: A pair

This Valentine's Day Butterfly craft lets you make a pair of love birds (or butterflies in this case). These are perfect to stick onto a card!


  • 1. Bright colored craft paper (use whatever you want)
  • 2. Glitter paper or alternatively plain paper with glitter stuck on or even sequins stuck on
  • 3. Craft Scissors - I always go for these so kids can use them
  • 4. Paper glue.
  • 5. Colourful Markers, can also be pencils or crayons


Step 1

Place all of your supplies directly in front of you. Cut around all the pieces on the PDF Template (found at the bottom of this post).

Step 2

Glue the smaller hearts onto the middle of the larger hearts. Leave the glue to dry for around 30 minutes.

Step 3

Glue the glitter heart on next.

Step 4

Glue one of the hearts onto on the bottom side of the butterfly's body

Step 5

Next glue the other heart shape on the topside of the butterfly’s body right beside the previous heart shape.

butterfly craft for Valentines Day

Step 6

Now finish it off by glueing the butterfly’s antennas on the top of the head.

Then use a thin black marker pen to draw the butterfly’s face. Will you draw a happy smile or a frown?! Good opportunity for you to talk to your child about feelings and emotions here.

Lastly, use colourful marker pens to some details on the butterfly’s body. I always let my kids do this bit.

They love do squiggly lines, polka dots and stripes! Good opportunity for them to use their imagination and be creative.

heart butterfly craft


You can this pair of butterflies onto a Valentine's Day and personalize it however you wish.

This heart butterfly craft is perfect for Valentine’s Day! It looks like two love birds (butterflies) together.

Older kids may like using paper to make my origami Butterfly and younger kids may enjoy my printable butterfly coloring pages

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Before you leave make sure and print out the template below, which provides all the necessary pieces to do this craft.

Heart Butterfly Craft Template


Do you like this Valentine’s Day Butterfly Craft?

Valentine's Day Butterfly Craft


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