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Valentine Love Bee Craft for Kids

Join us in making these Valentine love bee craft for kids and you will be the talk of the classroom with these unique treat holders.

If you don’t want to give out treats, you can add in a nice note in their place. This little love bug makes an adorable decoration either way!

Here at Easy Crafts for kids we just love making Love Bugs as you can see from our creations below

Popsicle Stick Love Bug

easy love bug craft with cardboard roll










We have a lot of these Kinder Surprise containers laying around – we love buying them. I have an adorable Valentine Monster craft made with a Kinder container!

These are very simple to make but will be sure to be one of a kind.

How about my excellent collection of Cute Valentine Day Crafts for Kids?!


Valentines Crafts for Kids: Love Bee

Craft Supplies:

  • Kinder Surprise container
  • Red paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Googly eyes
  • Pink pipe cleaners
  • White shoe lace
  • Treats

Age Range:

  • 5 years and up

Time to Complete:

  • 30-45 minutes

Step #1:

Paint your container with red paint.

Cut a piece of shoe lace into a length about 6-9 inches long. Glue one edge to the center of the backside of your kinder surprise. Loop it into wings and glue the opposite end on top of the first end. Lastly, just glue the center of the lace on top of those two ends.

Step #2:

Glue googly eyes to the front side of your container.

how to make a Valentine bee craft valentine bee craft step by step

Step #3:

Wrap a piece of pink pipe cleaner around the container in the middle. Glue it in place on the back side.

Step #4:

Open the container and add your desired treats, or a little love note. (If you wanted to you could also just use one piece of pipe cleaner with step four and five)

love bumble bee craft for Valentine's Day Step by step Kinder egg craft for Valentine's Day

Step #5:

Wrap two more pieces of pink pipe cleaners around the container. Again, glue them on the reverse side so they stay in place.

Step #6

Bend another piece of pink pipe cleaner into a small heart, with a circle base. You can also improvise here and make whatever style of antenna you wish.

kinder egg bee craft

Step #7

Glue this on the top of your love bug, as your love bee’s antenna.

valentine love bee craft step by step

Now, just fill him up with some treats if you wish…. or just place him up as a very VERY cute Valentine’s crafts for kids decoration!

He is one of my favorite Valentine animal crafts for sure

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Do you like this Valentine Love Bee Craft for Kids?

valentine love bee craft

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