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Free Kids Crafts Made with Wood, Food or Yarn!

All different kinds of materials can be used for fun & free kids crafts! Crafts can be created with wood, yarn, food and much more – even create edible crafts! What better than a craft you can eat afterwards!

Edible Holiday Treats

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Popcorn Paper Bag TurkeySnowman Soup Recipe

These free kids crafts are simple and here we focus on three main ingredients:

Easy Wood Crafts for Kids

These crafts are a fun way to get the kids to work with natural supplies, like tree branches.

Or, have then use up the popsicle sticks after they eat their popsicles. 

Easy Yarn Crafts

Mom makes blankets and dish rags. We can make so much more!

Ask mom or grandma to share they yarn and wool with you and you can make them a gift out of it.

Food Crafts

What kid doesn’t like food, and most love playing with their food. These crafts will give them crafts they can have fun making, and eating. 

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What You Will Learn on This Page:

Easy Yarn Crafts for Kids

Octopus Yarn Doll: A cute craft that turns into a little stuffed animal you can cherish for years to come.

Home-Made Pom Pom: Learn how to make your very own pom poms out of yarn, string or wool.

Critters out of Home-Made Pom Poms: Find out some cute and whimsical critters you can make out of your home-made pom poms.

How to make a doll wig out of yarn – make your own yarn dolls wig

Wood Crafts for Kids

Tree Branch Picture Frame: A great way to turn summer memories into a keepsake.

Popsicle Stick Puppets: Write your own story and act it out with these popsicle stick puppets!

Popsicle Stick Desk Organizers: Keep your desk clean and organized with this craft.

Kids Food Crafts

Walnut Mouse: A cute way to turn an empty walnut shell into a fun pet.

Walnut Bumble Bee: Another great way to make those walnuts have a summer feel, like the buzzing bumble bee!

Miniature Jack O’Lantern: A small Halloween decoration that can have a big impact.

Walnut Ladybug: Another fun walnut craft, this one turns into a beautiful little ladybug!

Walnut Turtle: Make your own turtle friend out of a walnut half!

Tree Branch Picture Frame

These are great way to connect the kids with nature and create a great memory to hang on the wall.

Supplies: Branches, twine, decorations (like shells), cardboard, a favourite picture, hot glue, scissors. 

Let Us Teach You: Wood Crafts for Kids

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Be creative and write a story. Once it is written create your own characters and act out your story. We made the characters for a fairy tale with a princess and a frog!

Let Us Teach You: Easy Wood Crafts

Popsicle Stick Desk Organizers

A great gift for mom or dad, or just a great way to organize your desk!

Supplies: Popsicle sticks, glue, cardboard

Let Us Teach You: Kids Wood Crafts

Octopus Doll

Mom and Grandma make blankets and dish rags, we will make an octopus!

Supplies: Ball of yarn, Ribbon or string (of a different color), Googly eyes, Scissors, Glue

Let Us Teach You: Yarn Ocean Crafts for Kids

Home-Made Pom Pom

Why buy pom poms when you can make these free kids crafts!

Supplies: Yarn, fork, and scissors

Let Us Teach You: Yarn Crafts for Kids

Critters out of Home-Made Pom Pom

Here are some fun critters you can make out of your pom poms. These are just a few of the many, many possibilities!

Supplies: Yarn, craft foam, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, scissors, glue, fork. 

Let Us Teach You: Yarn Kids Crafts

Walnut Mouse

Be careful the next time you are snacking on walnuts. Crack a few of the shells into halves and make our cute walnut mouse!

Supplies: Walnut halves, pom poms, pipecleaner, googly eyes, craft foam, glue and scissors.

Let Us Teach You: Walnut Mouse Kids Food Crafts

Walnut Bumble Bee

Bees are always buzzing around in the spring and summer, but you can never check them out because they bite (well, sting)!

Here’s a fun craft to make your own bee out of a walnut.

Supplies: Walnut, paint (black & yellow), craft foam (white), pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue and scissors.

Let Us Teach You: Walnut Bumble Bee

Miniature Jack O’Lantern

Shrink your Halloween pumpkins with this magical craft!

Supplies: Walnuts, paint (orange and black), paint brush and pipecleaners (green)

Let Us Teach You: Miniature Jackolanterns

Walnut Ladybug

Another way to change a walnut into something fun and cute. These little ladybugs can be made into magnets too!

Let Us Teach You: Ladybug Crafts for Kids

Walnut Turtle

Crack a walnut in half gently and have a quick snack! Once you’re done, just keep the shell halves and make some little friends!

Let Us Teach You: Turtle Craft for Kids

These fun and free kids crafts will keep the kids busy for hours! We are always adding more, so make sure to stop back in to see!!

Easy Crafts for Kids is social too! Be sure to join us and keep up to date on what the Crafty Critters are up to:

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