Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer is filled with a ton of fun summer crafts for kids. Join us and our under the sea fun to celebrate this great season. Summer is a great time to go to the ocean, lake or sea... so why not craft them too with our under the sea crafts!

The ocean is filled with all kinds of fun critters. We've taken some time to make all sorts of under the sea crafts. Today we will help you make some cute paper roll octopus crafts. 

The craft is adorable and the supply list is simple! What can be better than that. All you need is markers, a paper roll, and some white paper... then just your scissors and glue to make the magic happen.

Few More Ocean Critter & Under the Sea Crafts

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids: Paper Roll Octopus

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper Roll
  • Markers
  • White paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Age Range:

  • 3 years old and up

Time to Complete:

  • 15-30 minutes

Step #1:

Color the entire paper roll with your markers. You can choose whatever color you want, this will be the color of your octopus. 

Add a bit of pizzazz by coloring on some stripes or dots and make your octopus one of a kind!

Step #2:

Take your scissors and cut strips around one end of the paper roll. Make easy cut about 1/2 inch wide. These strips will be about 1/3 of the length of the paper roll. 

Step #3:

Take one of your markers, or a pencil and wrap one of the strips you cut around the marker. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the paper roll to bend.

Step #4:

Repeat step three for each strip you cut, these will make your octopus tentacles. 

Step #5:

Cut out two circles from white paper (you can make them how ever big you want for your eyes). Draw pupils on the circles with a black marker. 

Glue your eyes onto your paper roll just above the tentacles. 

Now your little octopus is ready for its big deput.
He can be a main act for your rendition of "under the sea" from the Little Mermaid!

Add a bit of extra character by simply drawing on a mouth or eyebrows.

Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

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