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Spring Pencil Topper Craft Ideas

Our spring pencil topper craft ideas will help you bring the great spring weather to the crafting table, and the top of your pencil. 

Make your pens and pencils unique with these cute pencil toppers. Everyone in your class is sure to want one of these!

pencil topper craft for spring


Spring is filled with new life, in nature, and the wildlife. 

We’ve made these style of pencil toppers for a number of holidays, but why not have some for the seasons too! 

The pipe cleaners will hold these toppers securely in place and you will have fun and bring pens and pencils.

You can make one for every day of the week! There is so much variation as you can make different animals and use different colors!

You can also make a pumpkin pencil topper for Halloween.

lucky leprechaun hat pencil topper for St Patricks Day.

Of course, don’t forget Valentine’s Day with our Love Puff Valentine Pencil Toppers!

Creating the Base of Any Topper

The base is simple. You just need to take a piece of pipe cleaner (about half of a full one). You can pick any color you like!

Twist it around a pen or pencil and you have your base.

Yep, it is that simple! Now you just use that base and glue on your desired topper. 

Fun Flower Topper- Fun Pencil Topper Craft

flower pipe cleaner pencil topper You will need craft foam in purple, pink and green, as well as a small yellow pom pom.

Cut out four pink pedals and four purple ones. Make the pink pedals a little bit smaller than the purple ones. 

Glue them on a yellow pom pom (alternate the colors). 

Add two green leaves to the stem and you are all done!  

I adore easy flower crafts and the good news is that you can change up the colors of the craft paper and pipe cleaners to make whatever type of flower you wish.

Maybe a red and black themed one for Remembrance Day would be good, or a gold, green and white one for St Patricks day would also look amazing! There is just so much you can do. 

An Umbrella in case it Rains

umbrella pencil topper craft

umbrella from pipe cleaners

In spring, carrying an umbrella is a smart idea. You never know when it will rain especially in the UK during April. You know what they say about April Showers!

For this topper you will need yellow craft foam, a green pipe cleaner and some green pom poms. 

Cut a circle out of the yellow foam. Glue a green pipe cleaner around the edge of the circle.

Now, just decorate with the pom poms and you are all done!

Buzz!! Bumble Bee

bee pencil topper craft For these spring crafts ideas you will need white craft foam, two black pom poms, two yellow pom poms and some googly eyes.

Glue your four pom poms together, alternating between black and yellow. 

Cut two wing shapes out of the craft foam and glue a wing on each side. 

Add your googly eyes to the top black pom pom. 

Be all the Buzz with this little bumble bee.

I adore bee crafts for kids as you can see from my Bumble Bee bookmark and Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Itsy Bitsy Bug
We Haven’t Figured Out What Kind!

bug pencil topper We aren’t sure what kind, but this little bug is still a cute pencil topper. 

You just need a pom pom, googly eyes and a pipe cleaner. 

Glue your googly eyes onto the pom pom. 

Create heart shapes out of two small pieces of pipe cleaner and glue one to each side. 

Let everyone guess what kind of bug this one is!

I guess he could be a cross between a butterfly and a love bug, which means he would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you want a perfect love bug switch the colors to pink and red as opposed to yellow and orange. 

Use these spring craft ideas to bring the nice spring weather into the classroom, or the homework table.

Spring is always filled with rainy days, and kids are not fun when they are bored. Print out a bunch of these Spring Activities for Kids and have them on hand when boredom strikes.

What other Spring pencil topper would you like to see here? Do you like these pom pom pencil topper ideas? How about some animals ones, like lambs or chicks? Maybe an Easter egg, not the edible type mind you. Please let me know in the comments section below.

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Do You Like These Spring Pencil Topper Crafts?

spring pencil topper craft ideas

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