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Paper Plate Koala Craft

If you are doing a jungle theme in school you need to do my paper plate koala craft! This will teach kids so much about our much loved Koala bear. 

koala craft with paper plate

I believe teaching kids about different animals and their natural habitats starts at an early age! 

Koala bears are reknown for being from Australia and they live in the wild! 

This paper plate craft is great for stimulating kid’s imaginations as well as improving their fine motor skills. 

I adore this beautiful jungle animal and you can see I shared my love for it before in my Koala Bear Craft for Valentine’s Day.

My animal paper plate crafts feature almost every creature you can think of and will keep your kids crafting for weeks!

koala craft with paper plate

Paper Plate Koala Craft

Yield: 1
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 17 minutes
Difficulty: medium
Estimated Cost: cheap

This paper plate Koala craft features Mummy and Baby in their natural habitat, the jungle! Koala craft projects teach kids so much about wildlife!


  • 1. Plain Paper plate.
  • 2. Colourful craft paper (gray, 3 shades of green, pink, black, brown,
  • yellow)
  • 3. Scissors.
  • 4. Glue
  • 5. Marker pens


First we will make the Koala bears:

Step 1:

First print out the templates and cut out all the pieces to make the koala bear.

Step 2:

Take the pink inner earpieces and glue them inside the ears.

Then glue both paws of the koala bear on the feet.

Step 3:

Then glue both eyes of the koala bear on the top side and the head.

paper koala bear craft step by step

Step 4:

Then finish it off by glueing both arms of the koala on the shoulders.

Paper plate process: This will help you create the trees to make it look like a jungle.

Step 1: Use the PDF templates to cut out the grass and sky for the paper plate.

Step 2:

Glue all the cut out pieces inside the paper plate as shown in the picture.

Tree Process:

Step 1:

Use the templates to cut out the trunk and leaves for the tree.

Step 2:

Glue the green piece (leaves) on the trunk to finish off making the tree.

Final Step:-

Once everything is ready, arrange the trees and the koala bears inside the paper plate to finish off the project.

Why not stick this beautiful decoration on your wall after you have completed it. Encourage your children to give Mummy and Baby a name. 

In order to do this paper plate craft you will need two different printable templates, which can be found below:-

Paper Plate Koala – this is what you require to create Mummy and Baby Koala bear

Paper Plate Koala Craft Tree Template – this is everything you need to create the jungle habitat for your cute bears. 

If you love animal crafts for kids you are in luck as I have some amazing ideas to keep children busy:-

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Perhaps you might add this to my awesome list of bear crafts to do with your children.

Do you like this Paper Plate Koala Craft in the Jungle?

paper plate koala craft

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