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Paper Plate Summer Craft – Watermelon Dinner Set

This paper plate Summer craft are a great way to keep the kids busy this summer. We want to start with some fun disposable dinnerware for your summer BBQs and picnics.  

Paper Plate Summer Craft


Having a BBQ is a great way to get everyone together and enjoy the summer weather. 

Dishes from the event are no fun though, so we’ve thought up a great way to decorate some paper plates, cups and napkin rings that can easily be tossed out afterwards. 

Kids will love doing their bit getting the dinnerware ready for the BBQ! This craft is a great way to include them. 

Paper Plate Summer Craft  – Paper Plate Watermelon Summer Dinnerware

Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate
  • Paper cup
  • Paper rolls
  • Paint (green, black, pink)
  • Scissors
  • Paint Brushes

Age Range:

  • 5 years old and up

Time to Complete:

  • 45-60 minutes

Step #1:

First off let’s decorate our plate. Paint the center circle of the plate with pink paint. Once that dries, or if you handle the wet paint right, you can add the rind. Paint the outer circle with green paint. Now set it aside to dry.  

Step #2:

Now, let’s move onto the cup. Paint two thirds of the cup (from the bottom up) with pink paint. Add a green rim around the other third (around the rim). Set this aside with your plate to dry. 

Step #3:

Next is our napkin rings. Cut a one inch piece of a paper roll (repeat this for the amount you need, usually 4-6). Paint two thirds of it with pink paint and the last third with green paint. Add this with the rest to dry. 

Step #4:

Once everything is dry, now add your watermelon seeds to all three items. The seeds are painted on with black paint and only on the pink area of your watermelon.

Summer preschool crafts that are a great way to decorate for your summer BBQs and save on the dishes!


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