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Cat Coloring Pages for Kids

Animal lovers will adore these cute cat coloring pages for kids! Perfect way to keep kids entertained on a cold wet day. 

My children love the idea of having pets but right now we do not have any. One of their favorite things are kittens. We live near a busy road and I would worry about them running out in front of a car so I have ignored their pleas for a little black cat.

Instead we admire our cousin’s cats and do some cat crafts instead. We have made various different things including a Cat pencil holder and a cat pop up card which is perfect for feline lovers. 

We do have some great educational cat worksheets to keep little mind’s busy and just recently I have designed some free cat coloring pages. I do hope to do more in the future so keep coming back! 

You can see what these look like directly below and there is an option to download the PDF for each of these. 

These are just one set of my printable coloring pages for children


Cute Cat Coloring Pages PDF

How unique is this coloring page of a cat?! This little cat, possibly even a kitten looks to be hiding inside a box! The box is sitting on a pretty cool chair, don’t you think! I am guessing that it is a pretty naughty little kitten, which likes to get up to all sorts of mischief!! 

coloring pages of cats

Download cute cat coloring pages

Realistic Cat Colouring Pages

I mean how real does this kitty cat look?! I think this fluffy kitten looks pretty angry right now, maybe he/she is looking for some food or maybe a ball of wool to play with!


realistic cat coloring pages

Print Cat Colouring Pages PDF

Cool Cat Coloring Sheets

When I am looking for ideas for coloring for my 6 year old son, I like to look for something different or something out there! I have to say my astronaut cat is the biz! It just so happens my son loves Outer Space so this is perfect for him.

You know I am going to get him to colour this, and then I will make him write a few lines as to what he thinks Astrocat is going to be doing today!

cat astronaut coloring pages

Free Cat Coloring Pages PDF

Printable Cat Coloring Page

How happy does this kitty cat look to be outside on a hot sunny day. What could be better than some fresh fish for dinner. Can little kids color this in before the cat gets around to eating his dinner!

cat printable coloring page

Print this as many times as you like below:-

Cat Coloring Page PDF

Free Cat Printable Coloring Page

If you want an indoor cat coloring page you can choose this one instead. This lovely kitten is getting ready to tuck into a bowl of cat food. 

printable cat coloring page

Print this PDF Cat coloring page below:-

Cat pdf coloring sheet

If you love these why not try some of my zoo animal coloring pages or my free butterfly coloring sheets

I am hoping to add lots more printable coloring pages to my site soon as I know these alongside my easy crafts for kids provide lots of entertainment for free!

Will you print these Cat Coloring Pages?

Free Cat Coloring Pages for Kids

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