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paper quilling easter egg

Quilled Easter Egg Tutorial

Easter is not just about edible chocolate eggs, it’s about decorative ones too! My quilled Easter egg craft is perfect for kids who love everything Easter egg! There is no better time to do some crafting that the Easter holidays! The weather can really be a mixed bag and sometimes little kids need a break for the outdoors and a chance to sit down and do something creative.  I have such a variation of easy Easter crafts for kids so I am sure your little’s will find something they want to make, whether it be my Easter Hatching Chick or …

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hatching chick craft for Easter

Easter Hatching Chick Craft with Template

As soon as the Spring days hit my kids and I start doing our favorite Easter Hatching chick craft! We make so many of these with different colored eggs. You can keep them by themselves or stick them onto some cardstock and make a Happy Easter card or even a Spring Birthday card! I love easy Easter crafts for kids and this is such a good idea for children of all ages. Preschool kids will enjoy decorating the egg and older ones will too. You can use the patterns from the template or you can let your 3 year old …

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Easter Scene Paper Craft for Kids

Easter Scene Craft for Kids

My children love Easter and everything that comes with it! They also love crafting so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the two and make a cool Easter scene for them. It is like a picture with moveable components so that they can use it as a show for pretend play. When I asked my kids what they associate with Easter, the two things they said were the Easter bunny and chocolate eggs!  Since we love going outdoors on Easter egg hunts I thought it would be a great idea to make something to represent our …

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Easter bunny egg craft for 3 year olds

Bunny Holding an Easter Egg Craft

As soon as Spring starts my kids and I start Easter crafts! One of our favorites is this Bunny Holding an Easter Egg! After all Easter is about bunnies and chocolate eggs so there is no better combination. Easter is commonly at the end of March or April when daytime gets longer and better weather is apparent. It is a great time of the year for getting the kids outdoors and going on Easter egg hunts.  If you are not lucky enough to find a Bunny you can make your own using paper, scissors and some colored paper! I even …

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Resurrection Crafts for Sunday School

Resurrection Crafts for Sunday School

Resurrection crafts for Sunday School are a great way to teach kids about the religious meaning behind Easter and Jesus involvement.  Children learn and absorb more information when they are having fun and that is why I think these Easter paper plate crafts are perfect for kids young and old.  I think it is important to teach kids the real meaning behind Easter and that it is not all about Easter eggs and the Easter bunny.  If your child does not attend Sunday school you can make this easy paper plate craft for kids at home using the craft tutorial …

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mr bunny craft for kids

Rabbit Paper Plate Craft

Bunny and rabbit crafts are very popular during Spring especially coming up to Easter.  My rabbit paper plate craft is adorable! Paper plates are abundant in my house and I love nothing more than making paper plate animals! My kids love to give them names and use them for pretend play afterwards!  I love animal crafts all year long, and my rabbit paper plate craft is always a huge hit in our house! I show you how to make Mr and Mrs Rabbit just in time for Easter! This is simple and one of my favorite easy preschool crafts.  Why …

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easter bunny craft with egg

Easter Bunny Craft With Egg

It has come the time to decorate for Easter and this Easter bunny craft with egg will be loved by kids young and old!  All kids love eggs and the Easter bunny so why not combine the two and paint a cute bunny on an egg! When I was a little girl we used to decorate eggs and roll them down a hill to see who’s egg won! Quite often we drew simple designs on our eggs like smiley faces. This Easter egg craft shows how to paint a cute bunny on your egg. I can bet you will not …

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crafts with toilet paper rolls

50+ Cool Toilet Paper Roll Crafts 2023

One of my most favorite types of crafts are my cool toilet paper roll crafts! When I went through my site here I was stunned to find I had so many! So many of my readers are always asking for suggestions for crafts with toilet paper rolls, I thought it would be best to have them all together in one post. This makes it easier to find them! Easy Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Kids I have some for every season of the year so please pin this post for future reference! It is really amazing what you can do …

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easter egg craft for kids

Easter Egg Wreath Craft

Easter is not all about chocolate eggs, as I show kids with this great Easter egg wreath craft. This simple paper craft can be completed in a preschool setting! Learn how to make this Easter wreath craft for kids! Normally the lead up to Easter is full of wet windy days so there is no better time to gather the children around the crafting table and make something great. This Easter paper craft lets you make an adorable wreath and best of all it only requires a few materials. Previously I have made lots of wreaths for different seasons including …

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easter paper roll crafts

Toilet Paper Roll Easter Crafts 2023

Springtime is here and there is no better time to explore my fabulous toilet paper roll Easter crafts for kids. Easter is about more than chocolate eggs! These Easter toilet paper roll crafts feature bunnies, sheep, chicks and more!  Easter Toilet Paper Roll Crafts The longer days and better weather mean that children can get outdoors to explore! New life in the form of chicks, lambs and Easter bunnies arise also. My kids love animal crafts especially my long list of cute Easter chick crafts and paper plate animal crafts! Since we have an abundance of toilet paper rolls I …

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