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St Patricks Day Crafts For Kids

25+ St Patricks Day Crafts For Kids 2023

March 17th is fast approaching so there is no better time to get started with some of these best St Patrick’s Day crafts for kids. My children love to celebrate all the seasons and living in Ireland we adore doing Saint Patricks crafts for kids to honour this day.  Irish Crafts for Kids There are so many different Irish crafts for kids featuring Leprechauns, pots of gold, hair pieces, slime and lots more! There are just so many ways you can celebrate this Irish holiday. Of course we love crafting to celebrate but you know what else we do here …

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spring chick craft

Spring Chick craft

Spring Chick Craft for Kids A great chick craft for kids this Spring that just fills the room with new life. This is the season when all kinds of little critters are born (or hatched) and my craft reflects this!  Spring brings life back to nature. It is the time of new beginnings! This is the time of year we see all kinds of new life in the wild life as well. We’ve created a hatched little chick. It’s simply an egg carton for an egg and a cute little pom pom chick. This little bird can be taken out …

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pipe cleaner butterfly craft

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Crafts for Kids Using our pipe cleaner butterfly crafts for kids, you can decorate your house or class room with fun little butterflies. All you need is some colorful pipe cleaners, and glue. Add a magnet to the back and they are perfect for the kitchen fridge or the classroom black board. Or, if you want to clip it to your books or papers add a paper clip instead! You get to pick any colors you wish for your butterflies. We’ve gone with very bright catchy colors – make sure everyone sees our magnet when they come …

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kids spring magnet crafts

Spring Magnet Crafts

Kids Spring Magnet Crafts With our spring magnet crafts you can bring all the spring weather to the kitchen fridge. Spring is a season with a variety of weather – from sun to rain, and even snow! The saying “April showers brings May flowers” is just a way to say April is a rainy month (usually). We are lucky enough to even have a snow storm in mid-April! The spring season is a great time to teach and learn about the weather, because there is such a variety. Here’s a bunch of magnets that reflect the different weather spring can …

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toilet paper roll bumblebee

Toilet Paper Roll Bee

Kids Be Buzzing About This Toilet Paper Roll Bee Our toilet paper roll bee is all the buzz! Spring brings with it new life and all the critters that hibernated all winter are out and about. We’ve turned empty toilet paper rolls into bumblebees! Bumble bees do sting, if you bug them. But not our little bee! As spring approaches take a walk outside and look for all the different kind of critters that you see. A good tip is to look near flowers! Sometimes you can hear buzzy bees before you can see them!! They are always hovering near …

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coffee filter flower diy

Coffee Filter Flower

DIY Coffee Filter Flower Crafts for Kids Our coffee filter flower is such a hit all year long and one of the most popular home-made flower crafts for kids around! It is a fun and easy way to make some unique flowers out of coffee filters and a pipe cleaner. It is amazing what wonderful things you can make with a few materials! These flowers are super easy to make, and completely customizable with the how you choose to decorate the coffee filter. My preschool kids love making these! Here’s a few other ideas to make these flowers unique: Make …

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bumble bee bookmark craft

Bumble Bee Bookmark Craft

Easy Bee Bookmark Crafts for Kids Create a buzz with our bumble bee bookmark craft for kids. We will teach you how to make fun bee bookmarks to keep the place in your favorite novel. You can make as many of these as you like because I can guarantee your friends will want to nab yours anytime they catch you reading! Bumble bees do sting, if you bug them. But they are very cute little bugs to look at from a distance. However the good news is that you can do lots of bumble bee crafts that are safe for …

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caterpillar crafts with pom poms

Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft

Pom Pom Caterpillar Craft Insect crafts for kids are not the creepy crawly, icky versons off bugs! No way! We have made them cute and colourful like this pom pom caterpillar craft. Using pom poms and pipe cleaners makes this little guy fuzzy too! You could make him longer or short too, just add more pom poms or less. These little critters are bendable too so you can position them on lot of different surfaces – not just a flat spot. Our little caterpillars can fit in your hand. Watch your kids carry them everywhere as their lovable pet. They …

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Folded paper butterfly

How To Make Paper Butterflies

Making cute little butterflies from paper can be a lot of fun for young children. Today we’ll learn how to make paper butterflies for wall using our paper fans instructions. We’ll be using those fans as wings for our butterflies. What can you do with paper butterflies? Fist of all, it’s just fun making them: coloring, decorating, and enjoying the creative use of paper, markers and googly eyes. But once you made a few, you can: create a butterfly mobile add them to your collection of Christmas tree decorations string some around your windows save them to add to a gift …

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