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Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

My list of easy dinosaur crafts for kids will appeal to boys and girls who love them!! Have fun making them and use them for pretend play afterwards!

best dinosaur crafts to make

Dinosaurs are huge reptiles which roamed over 250 million years ago but their popularity with children still remains today!

There are thought to be over 300 types of dinosaurs (more are being discovered all the time) but kids nowadays only talk about the most common ones including T-Rex, Triceratops and Brachiosaurus to name a few!

Would take me to long to look up the spelling of all the others, so I best get back to talk about easy to make dinosaur crafts!

You can make dinosaurs from lots of different craft materials! I recently made an adorable paper plate dinosaur! 

My dinosaur finger puppets is a very simple printable activity which can be used for kids of all ages for story telling. 

I also have a cute Father’s Day craft featuring dinosaurs for you to complete! Of course you can change the wording and use it as a Birthday card too. 

My complete list of dinosaur crafts for children is below and I add to it all the time so maybe bookmark this page if this is something you are interested in!

Each includes easy to follow craft instructions with free printable templates and images to guide you. 

Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

These easy dinosaur crafts for kids will help them make fun reptiles which they can use for pretend play afterwards!

Can you think of any other Dinosaur arts and crafts you would like to do with your children?

Why not make a dinosaur mask for dress up? My kids love making mask crafts like my leprechaun mask so these type of things always let them have fun after they have finished crafting. If you are interested in one of these please let me know and I will make one and provide easy to follow craft instructions so you can do the same. 

You can do dinosaur crafts 2022 for any season of the year! How about an Easter one with a paper dinosaur hatching from an Easter egg. You could do a scary Halloween dinosaur or even a Santa Claus dinosaur bearing gifts!

If you love my collection of best dinosaur craft ideas you might also like my easy cat crafts or my paper plate animals

Which of these Easy Dinosaur Crafts for Kids is your Favorite?

Easy dinosaur crafts for kids

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