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Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts

My toilet paper roll people crafts will help kids make all sorts of characters from pilgrims to firemen and elves to leprechauns! My easy tutorials on how to make people out of toilet rolls will provide step by step instructions and free printable templates. 

how to make people crafts out of toilet paper rolls

Find my list of toilet roll people craft ideas below. I do plan on extending this if I get enough interest. There are just so many different famous people you could make also. 

If you do build up lots of paper rolls please keep them and try some of my other brilliant crafts with toilet paper rolls for kids

Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts

These Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts will help kids make all sorts of characters out of paper rolls. Free instructions and printables provided.

These easy toilet roll people crafts are simple to make with colored craft papers, paper rolls, some scissors, glue and my free printable templates. 

You can add facial expressions and eyelashes using markers. Will you person be happy or sad? 

Can you think of any other toilet roll characters you would me to feature here? How about a family of Mummy, Daddy, Brother and Sister. These would be great for pretend play. You could easily use them to play in a dolls house. 

You might want to make some famous people, like your favorite footballer or favorite ice hockey star. Other ideas include favorite pop singer or actress! 

Why not add some hair to your people crafts with toilet rolls? I can show you how to make a doll wig out of yarn. It can be any color you wish. 

Which of these Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts is your Favorite?

Toilet Paper Roll People Crafts

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