Halloween Crafts

Check out all our witch Halloween crafts kids! You will be sure to love these (even the adults that are kids at heart will enjoy!).

These witch crafts will help to recreate the wicked witches of all the stories.

The witches from all the Halloween stories are typically evil, and green.

We've created some fun crafts to recreate these mean ladies.

Well, okay, we may have turned them a little more cute - but even a cute witch can be evil!

These are some halloween crafts kids will have a blast creating. Keep your place in your favourite Halloween book with our wicked witch bookmark.

It's a great craft to also promote reading, have the kids create this, then have the read the Wizard of Oz to understand the inspiration of this craft.

At the same time you can defend Oz by defeating the Wicked Witch with one close of your book! Forget using a house, thats so big and messy, here's a nice easy way to set things right!

Wicked Witch Bookmark

This bookmark is inspired by the Wizard of Oz, one of my all time favorite books and movies! (Could easily recite the entire movie word for word)

Instead of a housing falling on the wicked witch, it's a book! Must smaller and less of a mess.

Wicked Witch Bookmark Supplies

Craft Supplies:

  • Green Bristol Board
  • Construction Paper (various colors)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • White Straw
  • Red Sparkle Glue
  • Black Marker
Wicked Witch Bookmark 1a
Wicked Witch Bookmark 1b

Step #1:

Cut a rectangle out of the green Bristol board with either regular scissors or scissors with different edges, like ours.

Add a witches hat to the top right corner.

With a black marker write something catchy on the bookmark.

For example, "The house got my sister and I get hit by this book! Oh! What a world!"

Wicked Witch Bookmark 2b

Step #2:

Cut two equal lengths out of the white straw.

Draw black stripes on each one with your black marker.

Wicked Witch Bookmark 3b

Step #3:

Cut slits into each end of the straw.

Slide one end onto the bottom of your bookmark and glue them in place.

Wicked Witch Bookmark 4

Step #4:

Cut 2 shoe shapes out of a piece of red construction paper.

Cover them with red sparkly glue on both sides and allow to dry.

Step #5:

Place each ruby slipper on each straw in the bottom slits. Glue them in place.

Now, rid Oz of the wicked witch with your favourite book!

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Using these halloween crafts kids will help you to add some spooky witches to your decorations and your favourite novel!

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