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November Crafts For Kids

Fall is a brilliant time of the year and these November crafts for kids 2021 let our little ones embrace all Fall has to offer! When I think of Autumn I think of pumpkins, orange and brown leaves, Thanksgiving, turkeys and hot fires! 

kids crafts for november

I love doing all kinds of seasonal crafts and activities with my pre-schoolers. I think it is a fun way to teach them. When they have fun they learn! 

I have stacks of Turkey Thanksgiving crafts for kids on my page and some of my favorite craft bloggers have given me permission to share the best of the rest here with you. You can choose from turkeys, pumpkin, wreaths, banners, paper plate crafts and lots more. 

As usual I am always adding new craft ideas for Fall here to that you have plenty to choose from. This year I did manage to do a few new Thanksgiving crafts including my Pop Up Turkey Thanksgiving Card if this is the sort of thing you are looking for. 

I am hoping there will be enough here for the 30 days of the month so you can try and do different kids crafts for November everyday. 


November Crafts For Kids

There is no better place to find the best collection of November crafts for kids this Fall and Thanksgiving! The only issue is how will you ever get through them all in one month!!

I hope you will find the time to try most of these kids crafts for November. I promise I won’t be cross if you do some of them in December, but by then you will be itching to try my winter crafts for kids!

Can you think of some other ideas for easy crafts in November? I am wondering whether people would be interested in a series of Fall animal crafts.

I realised that I have rarely any of these apart from turkeys! I am thinking of squirrels, hedgehogs, red foxes, wolves, etc. 

Still looking for more November activities for preschoolers? I have some great free Thanksgiving turkey coloring pages for you to enjoy

Older kids may like to learn how to draw a turkey step by step

How about some origami pumpkin! These make great window sill decorations during Fall!

Other ideas for crafts for November involve nature. How about some acorn crafts or even horse chestnut crafts? You can also gather some leaves and see what sort of things you can make from them?! 

Now that it’s the end of November why not start some of my December crafts for kids

Do you like my selection of November Crafts for Kids?

november crafts for kids

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