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Spring Crafts for Preschoolers

Let’s call in an expert for some Spring crafts for preschoolers – Miss Cheryl from Preschool Plan It has given us a few adorable spring craft and art projects that are great for the preschool age group. 

preschool spring crafts

Spring is a season full of beauty (with a little rain) and the craft ideas are just as pretty!

Miss Cheryl has given us a few adorable spring crafts. 

Need some themes and lesson plans to go with these crafts? Be sure to go check out great Spring activities, themes and lessons on Preschool Plan It.

The Spring crafts for kids don’t end here! We do have a ton of other easy spring crafts for kids for your crafting adventures! We have something for all ages.

Adorable Spring Daffodil Craft:

Here’s one of the most adorable spring crafts for preschoolers to start off. This little daffodil is just precious. The bright yellow daffodil was one of the first flowers my kids learned about.

We started growing them in our garden and they just love picking a bunch and putting them in a vase on our dining room table! A great idea for preschool garden crafts

simple daffodil craft


•Start with a yellow piece of card stock, or paint a white one yellow.

•When dry, cut the yellow card stock into a star shape.

•Curl up the points by wrapping around a pencil.

•Cut the top 1/2 section off a small paper cup.

•Paint the cup (including the bottom inside) yellow.

•When dry, glue the cup onto the middle of the flower base.

•Cut a stem and 2 leaves out of green construction paper or use paint to color white paper green.

•Glue the leaves onto the stem.

•Glue the stem onto the back of the flower base.

I love flower crafts because it encourages them to go outdoors and explore. I have some flower pot crafts for kids which are also suitable for the Preschool years. 

My sunflower paper craft is another great idea for flower crafting at this time of the year. 

Keep in the daffodil theme with my other easy daffodil drawing idea

Spring Crafts for Preschoolers: Flowers Craft

Another cute choice of the spring crafts for the preschoolers to give some never-wilting flowers. Oh how we wish all flowers were the same. I could keep my house looking pretty forever. I have tons of different ideas for easy flower crafts for kids of all ages!

flower vase craft with paper


•Cut a vase shape out of extra fabric,spring craft ideas wallpaper, or specialty paper.

•Glue vase onto a piece of colored construction paper.

•Draw black and brown stems with crayon, marker, paint, or you could glue on colored pipe cleaners.

•Cut the ends off of white cotton swabs (Q-Tips).

•(Optional) – I left my pussy willow budss white, but you could dip them in gray paint if you want.

•Glue swab tips in an alternating pattern on the black branches for pussy willow buds.

•To make forsythia blooms, rip small pieces of yellow tissue paper. Roll around a pencil, then pull off and pinch the end together.

•Glue the blooms onto the brown branches, grouping them together.

•Make green leaves for the forsythia, either by cutting out of green construction paper, or I folded green pipe cleaners into a leaf shape, then glued on.

Why not stick this one a page and make a pretty card like I have done in this Spring Flower craft

Rainbow Craft for Kids

Super fun and colorful craft for spring. If you love this you will really like my pipe cleaner magnet crafts which feature weather items!

rainbow craft for preschool


•To make the cloud, take a large piece of white construction paper and fold in half (the hamburger way).

•Draw a puffy cloud shape along the fold.

•Cut out the shape, so that you have 2 identical cloud pieces.

•Rip off streamers of rainbow colored crepe paper (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).

•Glue them along the bottom part of one of the clouds.

•Glue along the edge of the rest of the cloud, leaving the bottom open to stuff.

•Fill with cotton balls or wadded up newspaper.

•Press both cloud pieces together to seal.

•Draw and cut out a sun picture on a yellow piece of construction paper.

•Glue to the cloud.

•(Optional) – To hang this beautiful rainbow craft, you could glue string to each edge of the top of the cloud and tie together.

Now we have a cloud, we expect some rain to fall from it. How about making a great rain craft with a mobile!

Another great idea is my rainbow printable coloring page which is suitable for preschool!

Robin Red-Breast Craft

Spring welcomes the birds and here’s another great choice of spring crafts for preschoolers to help think spring.

robin red breast craft


•Paint 2 nine-inch paper plates brown and let dry.

•Paint a four-inch paper plate red (or you could cut out the middle of a red plastic plate, or cut a circle of red construction paper).

•When dry, glue the red plate onto the middle of one of the brown plates.

•Cut the other brown plate in half.

•Glue (or staple) each 1/2 on the top of the full-size plate for the robin’s wings (or if you want them to move, you could attach with brads).

•Paint another four-inch paper plate brown.

•When dry, glue or staple on top of the body for the robin’s head.

•Glue on 2 googly eyes, and an orange triangle for the beak.

•(Optional) – To make legs, glue 2 brown pipe cleaners to the back of the body, on the bottom. Cut 2 small pieces off another pipe cleaner. Wrap each small piece around the bottom of the leg for the feet.

If you like this you will probably want to check out my list of paper plate animal crafts

A Little About Miss Cheryl & Preschool Plan It

Cheryl Hatch has taught and directed preschool programs for over 20 years. She has her undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education. You can read Cheryl’s articles, activities and themed preschool lesson plans at 

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Do you like these Spring Crafts for Preschoolers?

Spring Crafts for Preschoolers

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