Spring Crafts for Kids

Create away with these spring crafts for kids. Spring is the rainiest of the seasons – so these crafts will come in very handy to keep the boredom away until the rain stops!

A lot of fun little creatures come out with the spring weather – and the trees and flowers start to bloom.

Spring is very pretty, always lots of new life starting.

The sun starts shining and the plants start growing.

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What You Can Learn on This Page:

There are so many spring crafts for kids you can create, here's just some of what we have some up with:

Kinder Duck: Turn an empty Kinder Surprise container into an adorable duck!

Toilet Paper Roll Bumble Bee: Be all the buzz this spring with a fun little bumblebee.

Pom Pom Caterpillar: Cute little critter that's bendable and fuzzy.

Bumble Bee Bookmark: Keep the place in your favorite spring book with this bumble bee pal.

Water Bottle Lid Magnet: Never forget anything again with this cute magnet reminder!

Ladybug Bookmark: Decorate a paper clip to make a home-made bookmark.

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Magnet: Bright and colorful butterfly fridge magnets!

Little Spring Chick: Create the new life of spring with our spring chick!

Spring Pencil Toppers: Bring spring indoors with these fun pencil toppers
Spring Weather Magnets: Teach all about the variety of weather spring will bring - from rain to sun and everything in between.

Printable Activites: A great variety of spring activities for kids, easy to print and great way to keep the boredom away on a rainy day!

Printable Games: Another fun activity for a rainy days!

Paper Roll Bunny: A cute little bunny rabbit all ready for the spring weather.

Itsy Bitsy Spider: Keep busy on a rainy day with these spider crafts.

Up-Cycled Flower Pot: Welcome spring and bring nature indoors with these recycled flower pots.

Coffee Filter Flower: Make some home-made flowers to help celebrate spring!

Pinecone Bumble Bee: A fun way to transform a pine cone into a beautiful buzzing bumble bee!

Cup Duckling: An adorable little duckling made from a paper cup!

Rain Mobile: Bring the rain indoors without getting wet!

Need something for the preschoolers? Come see a few great spring crafts for preschoolers from our friend & preschool teacher Cheryl.

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Spring Crafts for Kids: Kinder Duck

Fill this adorable duck with a few little candies for a fun surprise!

Let Us Teach You: Duck Crafts for Kids

Toilet Paper Roll Bumble Bee

Spring is the season where all these little critters come out of hibernation. Create a bumble bee of your own!

Let Us Teach You: Kids Spring Crafts

Pom Pom Caterpillar

Position-able and furry little caterpillar friend for you to play with for hours on those rainy days.

Let Us Teach You: Insect Crafts for Kids

Bumble Bee Bookmark

Reading is a great past time on those rainy spring days. Use this unique bookmark to keep the place in your novel.

Let Us Teach You: Bee Crafts for Kids

Water Bottle Lid Magnet

Recycle your water bottle lids and turn them into fun springy magnets!

Let Us Teach You: Easy Spring Crafts 

Ladybug Bookmark

Another great idea for a fun personal bookmark.

Let Us Teach You: Lady Bug Bookmark Craft

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly Magnet

Fun, bright and colorful butterfly magnets to fill your kitchen fridge with. Post up your great grade with this eye catchers!

Let Us Teach You: Butterfly Crafts for Kids

Little Spring Chick

Create this cute little chick with minimal supplies and easy instructions.

Let Us Teach You: Spring Craft for Kids

Spring Pencil Toppers

Fun way to decorate your pens and pencils with these spring crafts for kids

Let Us Teach You: Spring Craft Ideas

Up-Cycled Flower Pots

Turn those old empty containers into beautiful flower pots. We used an empty hot chocolate containers - it's just the perfect size!

Let Us Teach You: Flower Pot Crafts for Kids

Spring Weather Magnets

Learn about what types of weather you can see in the spring.

Let Us Teach You: Spring Kids Crafts

Coffee Filter Flower

Add some more spring to the house, even if it is winter or summer, with these coffee filter flowers. 

Let Us Teach You: Flower Crafts for Kids

Printable Activities

Spring is always filled with rainy days, and kids are not fun when they are bored. Here's some activities to include with your spring crafts for kids.

Print out a bunch of these activities and have them on hand when boredom strikes.

Spring Activities for Kids

Printable Games

Fun camping games: It's Raining Again double pack

Spring is full of rainy days, and nothing is worse that bored kids on a rainy day.

There will be times when the kids just want to play games rather than craft, so why not have some printable games ready for them when the mood hits!

These are great printable games for those rainy days this spring. 

Fun Camping Games: It's Raining Again double pack

Paper Roll Bunny

Spring is filled with new baby animals, here's a fun way to make a little bunny for your animal collection.

Let Us Teach You: Bunny Crafts for Kids

Itsy Bitsy Spider

It is said that killing a spider will make it rain, so let's try making spiders to shoo away the rain!

Let Us Teach You: Spider crafts for Kids

Craft away those rainy days with all of these fun spring crafts for kids – outside may be dreary and wet, but inside creativity will prevail!!

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