Spring Crafts for Kids

Create away with these spring crafts for kids. Spring is the rainiest of the seasons – so these crafts will come in very handy to keep the boredom away until the rain stops!

spring kids craft ideas

A lot of fun little creatures come out with the spring weather – and the trees and flowers start to bloom.

Spring is very pretty, always lots of new life starting.

The sun starts shining and the plants start growing. There are tons of spring craft ideas for kids below!

I am pretty sure these will keep you and your children busy for weeks on end! 

Spring Crafts for Kids

Find my best spring crafts for kids right here, whether you are looking for an animal craft or a flower craft I have them all right here! Crafts with paper, pipe cleaners, pom poms, toilet rolls and much more to keep you all busy during the sometimes wet Spring months!

This Kinder duck is the perfect craft for preschool kids and older! If your kids like Kinder surprise eggs do not bin them when they are empty. Reuse them to make this lovable duck!

He is so easy to make using craft foam, pipe cleaners and googly eyes! Plus you can hide some small candy inside for a Easter treat for your kids.

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I love the start of Spring as flowers start blooming and there is a splash of color everywhere!

This Spring flower craft lets you make a beautiful card with a vase of flowers.

This is perfect for a Spring Birthday card or a Mother's Day card!

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How adorable is this paper roll bee! He will be loved by kids everywhere this Spring!

Of course as soon as flowers bloom, bees are looking for their pollen, and we can hear their buzz in the air!

Celebrate Spring with this bee craft!

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This rainbow pom pom caterpillar is the perfect bug craft for Spring! He will be your best buddy, until he wants to turn into a butterfly!

This lovable soft bug craft is ideal for school kids! Why not use it to teach them about transformation of the caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly!

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Make reading fun with this cute bee bookmark craft! Take Mr Buzz everywhere with you and your book!

Seriously though I love bookmark kids crafts because children love making them and then using them afterwards!

I think it has seriously encouraged my little girl to read more and spend time with books.

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Grab some coffee filters, let your kids do some coloring/painting, add a pipe cleaner and pom pom and there you have it!

This coffee filter flower is such an easy Spring craft idea for preschool kids!

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This pipecleaner butterfly is full of color and so easy to make!! Use it alongside the caterpillar craft earlier to tell the life cycle of a Butterfly.

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Make this perfect Spring bookmark craft featuring a ladybug! This paper craft makes uses of colored craft papers and a paper clip, and the end result is well worth it!

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Incy Wincy spider went up the water spout, down came the rain... you get the idea! Spider crafts are perfect for Spring because it rains so much!

Make this furry buddy using egg cartons and pipe cleaners!

Here is a question for your littles? How many legs does a spider have?! Seriously I try to bring a learning element into all my Spring crafts for kids.

It is a good idea because it keeps kids brains active.

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Decorate your pencils and pens for the season with these beautiful pencil toppers.

I have step by step craft guide to help you make 4 different ones as shown in the picture.

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Make this lovable cuddly chick which looks as if it has just hatched from an egg.

Chicks are born during the Spring months so this is the perfect animal craft for this season.

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Recycle and upcycle a pot to create this beautifully decorated flower pot!

Perfect for Mother's Day in the UK, which happens during March! Kids can make this for their Mummy!

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Make these weather magnets using pipe cleaners! Kids will love these and it helps them learn about the weather also!

Why not encourage preschool kids to pick which one represents the current weather outdoors.

You can use whichever colors you wish.

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Make this family of sheep puppets to teach kids about baby lambs being born during the Spring months.

These popsicle puppets are great for pretend play! After making them why not use them to tell a story to your children and encourage them to join in.

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Spring and Easter are the best time to make this toilet paper roll bunny! He is a tad more difficult to make than some of my other paper crafts for kids, but children will be able to achieve this with an adults help.

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This duckling craft for kids is super cute! All you need is a few materials to create this Baby duck!

Kids will love to play with him afterwards! Why not do a duck craft theme day and make the Kinder duck at the same time.

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In the UK during March and April it almost never stops raining! This weather mobile craft will help you make a raindrop and cloud themed craft.

Perfect for those really wet days that make it impossible to play outdoors.

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Need something for the preschoolers? Come see a few great spring crafts for preschoolers from our friend & preschool teacher Cheryl.

Craft away those rainy days with all of these fun spring crafts for kids – outside may be dreary and wet, but inside creativity will prevail!!

Do you like these Spring Crafts for Kids?

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