Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids
All about Turkeys!

These fun thanksgiving crafts for kids are great for all ages. The turkey is a staple of every Thanksgiving holiday, so we thought seeming they are so important to the festivities, they were important enough to have their very own page!

The ideas for turkey crafts are endless, and we thought we would share a few with you...

What You Will Learn on This Page:

Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece: A fun craft made out of paper bags with edible stuffing!

Handprint Turkey: Let's use our hands with this craft, a great Thanksgiving decoration!

Turkey Appetizer Holder: A unique way to set out some munchies for your guests at Thanksgiving dinner.

Turkey Printables: We've drawn up some turkey and thanksgiving coloring pages just for you!

Paper Roll Turkey: Turn an empty paper roll into a fun little turkey decoration.

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Paper Bag Turkey Centerpiece

A great appetizer to nibble on while everyone is waiting for Thanksgiving dinner.

Supplies: Paper bags, popcorn, scissors, glue, white paper. 

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Turkey Appetizer Holder

Trace some handprints and turn them into this cute Thanksgiving turkey.

Supplies: Construction Paper, Marker, Glue, Scissors, Pencil

Let Us Teach You: Kids Thanksgiving Craft

Handprint Turkey

Trace some hand prints and turn them into this cute Thanksgiving turkey.

Supplies: Construction Paper, Marker, Glue, Scissors, Pencil

Let Us Teach You: Kids Thanksgiving Craft

Paper Roll Turkey

Turn your empty paper rolls into turkey decorations for your Thanksgiving celebrations.

Supplies: Paper roll, brown paint, paintbrush, craft foam, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue and scissors

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Turkey and Thanskgiving Printables

FREE Hand-Drawn Printable Coloring Pages

We have made these just for Thanksgiving and just for YOU!

It as simple as just click on the coloring page you want. It will pop up in a separate window (so you can keep crafting here).

The PDF files are nice and easy to print, and fit on one full page!

Print a bunch and share them with your friends too.

Fun Printable Games for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Party Games Pack

When you are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be served, a great way to pass the time is games with the whole family. 

These games are easy to just print off when you need them - ready for family fun!

Thanksgiving Party Games Pack - $19.95
from: Python Printable Games

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