Paper Crafts for Kids

We've got tons of fun and easy paper crafts for kids! These crafts for very simple to make, and involve very few materials. These crafts also promote recycling by re-using newspapers or other paper items.

The kids can make fun and whimsical crafts with just a few pieces of paper. These crafts for fun and easy for all ages. Any of these paper crafts can be decorated to match any season or holiday.

What You Will Learn on This Page:

Paper crafts use simple supplies and make for hours of fun. If you are doing these with smaller children, make sure to get the scissors that are safe for them to use - let them do all the work!

Paper Butterflies: Using our fun paper fan instructions, we can create fun little butterflies too!

Paper Fan: Using a piece of paper, keep cool this summer.

Paper Bag Puppets: We can create a fun little play with some home-made puppets

Portable Fortune Teller: Moonlight as a psychic with our fun fortune teller ! Don't know an answer, ask it!

Baseball Piñata: This can be treated as a real baseball, just hit it and instead of a home run, you get candy!

Chinese Paper Lanterns: Need decorations for a party? Use our lanterns to add some color to your party!

Lady Bug Book Mark: A cute and creative way to keep the place in your novel - simply construction paper, glue and a paper clip!

Bumble Bee Bookmark: Another innovative way to make yourself a book mark with a popsicle stick!

Paper Plate Masks: Play pretend with a paper plate mask

Paper Plate Butterfly: They are so pretty and so much fun to make.

Paper Crafts for Kids: Paper Fan

A great simple folded craft that requires only some paper and markers. 

It also will help you stay cool in the summer!

Supplies: Markers, Paper ,Tape

Let Us Teach You: Easy Paper Craft 

Portable Fortune Teller

With just a piece of paper and a pen you can turn from ordinary kid to psychic! We can teach you how to create folded paper crafts that will help predict the future.

Supplies: Piece of construction paper, Scissors, Marker

Let Us Teach You: Paper Fortune Teller

Paper Bag Puppets

Use plain old brown paper bags and turn them into fairy tale characters and creatures.

Now re-enact your favorite fairy tales or make up your very own stories. Great craft to give hours of fun, even after they are made.

Let Us Teach You: Paper Bag Craft Puppets

Paper Butterflies

Using our paper fan craft we will also create these beautiful butterflies too!

Supplies: Paper (white or colored), Markers, Glue, Scissors

Let Us Teach You: Easy Paper Crafts

Chinese Paper Lantern

Traditionally used at festivals in China and Japan, these chinese lanterns are fun little decorations for any party!

Supplies: Paper, Scissors, Ruler, Pencil, Glue

Let Us Teach You: Chinese Paper Lantern Crafts

Baseball Piñata

A fun party favor or just afternoon activity. Hit this pinata with a real bat, get a candy filled home run!

Supplies: Newspaper, glue, water, scissors, white paper, white paint, red marker

Let Us Teach You: Baseball Crafts for Kids

These are a few of the many fun and easy paper crafts for kids.It's crazy how much you can do with one piece of paper!! Use these fun and simple crafts on rainy days, at school or camp and much more!

Always be sure to check back with us for more crafts for your kids!

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